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screenshot of Mountain club Ternopil

Mountain club Ternopil

This is the site of a Mountain club [HTML_REMOVED]Ternopil[HTML_REMOVED] - community of climbers, alpinists and mountaineers who live in Ternopil, Ukraine and the entire Western Ukraine. The site is codenamed gkt2. It is ukrainian-only.

Gkt2 provides information on clubs[HTML_REMOVED]s plans and schedule, climbing gear and technique, guide books, community members and events. Important feature is a ranking system for climbers of the Western Ukraine called The West ranking.

Another gkt2[HTML_REMOVED]s goal is to provide a platform for creating and developing a climbing community of the region. Approved site users from the entire region - moderators - can add news and updates, post reports, photos and other documents + there is a video-rss aggregation from Vimeo, Youtube.

The community can communicate using comments and forums.

All this information is exported in rss-feeds so everybody can easily subscribe and follow community life. These rss-streams are also used for a per-user new items tracking system, so every user can access all items which he/she haven[HTML_REMOVED]t seen yet in just 2 clicks.

Gkt2 is powered by Django and a set of reusable applications, client-side is based on YUI javascript framework.