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screenshot of webExpress ecommerce

webExpress ecommerce

webExpress ecommerce is an ecommerce platform for selling anything. B2C, B2B, web order, ecatalog solution.
This is just a demo of the platform.

User preferences. Highly and easily configurable by the backoffice user. webExpress CMS integrated.
Strong use of JQuery/JQuery UI. 99% ajax based. Fast. All this means a sort of new way for surfing the catalog items, looking at the item details and working with the cart without losing the focus of anything, never.
The search by description is implemented upon Xapian.

Custom solutions, when needed, are quickly and easily to develop.

In the next future mobile devices will have their own layout.
Now connected with ESA Software ERP, in the next future there will be available more connectors with other ERP software and a stand-alone.