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screenshot of Satchless


Ever tried to build an e-commerce using Django? Noticed how you pretty much have to choose between Satchmo and Lightning Fast Shop? LFS[HTML_REMOVED]s code is of great quality but the project is not really modular. Satchmo promises to be modular but the code... well, there is code.

Here comes a new challenger. [HTML_REMOVED]Less is more[HTML_REMOVED] and Satchless[HTML_REMOVED]s name is a play on that idea. We believe a good framework should give you just the right tools to prototype, test and build an efficient solution that suits you and your business. It should not provide a generic solution and require you to bend your requirements to fit it. In e-commerce there is no one-size-fits-all.

If you love Django, meet Satchless and fall in love once again. Written from scratch, it consists of 100% beautiful code, 0% hacks and 0% magic. Comes with pre-built [HTML_REMOVED]contrib[HTML_REMOVED] modules for common cases and enough freedom to never get in your way. Sounds good? Oh, and it comes under the same open-source BSD license.