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3Top is a New York based startup that enables you to create, share, and discover recommendations in the form of rankings. While you can rank any category, we limit the number of items in a ranking to three in order to make them easier to create and consume, and to encourage more specific categories. A ranking of 3 items in a specific category provides more information and context than a 1-5 star rating, while requiring less effort than writing or reading through reviews. 3Top rankings can be trusted because they come from your friends and people you follow. [HTML_REMOVED]3Top Burgers in NYC[HTML_REMOVED] is an example of a ranking on our site. This ranking answers a question that can[HTML_REMOVED]t be determined from looking at the ratings of New York restaurants, and you certainly would not want to resort to reading through reviews. When I share my ranking of burgers with friends (1. Corner Bistro, 2. Burger Joint, 3. Minetta Tavern), they can use the context (the category, my taste, the ordering, and their knowledge of any items I ranked), to decide whether to trust my ranking of items they are unfamiliar with. You will never ask your friends how many stars they give something, you will instead ask them what are the top [HTML_REMOVED]Grocery Stores in Jersey City[HTML_REMOVED], [HTML_REMOVED]Vampire Movies from the 1980[HTML_REMOVED]s[HTML_REMOVED], or [HTML_REMOVED]Burgers in NYC[HTML_REMOVED]. To create a simple, yet engaging experience we use advanced techniques for parsing the text of the categories and items, and matching the concepts and entities to our knowledge graph. These techniques enable us to better understand the rankings and link our data with other datasets (Amazon, Google, DBpedia, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, MusicBrainz, etc.). The improved understanding allows us to provide more in-depth content and to make more relevant recommendations. While our platform allows anyone to share rankings, we are partnering with trusted influencers, as well as businesses looking to better engage with their customers. Our platform lets them produce content that is engaging and relevant, by sharing their expertise and opinions as rankings, with their friends, followers, and customers.