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Byron shire news

Started as a family business in 1971, the Byron Shire News, Australia, was quickly embraced by the local community as their weekly source of news, profiles, sport and events.

Now, more than 30 years later, Byron Shire News is a respected publication carrying the major news, events and information of the area, as well as being the paper of choice for the local council, real estate agents and leading businesses.

The Byron Shire News is a generous sponsor of local events, sporting groups and charities , and is committed to giving back to the community it represents.

Byron Shire has a diverse culture, and the editorial coverage of the News reflects the many views, opinions and interests of its residents in a quality forum that is fair, intelligent and unbiased.

Weekly sections include [HTML_REMOVED]abode[HTML_REMOVED], [HTML_REMOVED]real estate liftout[HTML_REMOVED], [HTML_REMOVED]out![HTML_REMOVED]entertainment, and dedicated TV, dining, sport and letters pages.