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Fareclock LLC operates a highly scalable service capable of supporting the entire business spectrum, from small businesses to large corporations with hundreds of thousands of employees at thousands of locations across the globe.

Fareclock[HTML_REMOVED]s unique service is designed to use low-cost IPod Touch devices attached to the wall as a kiosk, running time clock software. The device is normally connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network, and communicates with the Fareclock hosted service. Customers do not need computer servers or additional IT infrastructure to support the functionality. The time clock can also operate offline in the event that the internet connection is unavailable and then synchronize with the Fareclock service when internet connectivity is later restored. A company can use one or multiple time clocks wherever it needs.

The Fareclock service also includes an administrative web site that managers can connect to via a desktop browser. The web site supports dozens of features, including business rule configurations, multiple administrators with varying permissions, location and clock set-up, employee set-up, punch management, and reporting. The web site can be accessed from anywhere via manager sign-in, either using a unique password, or via Google or Yahoo sign on.

The service is offered either by monthly or annual subscription, and includes free technical support. There are multiple subscription plans to choose from. Details and pricing are listed on the Fareclock web site.