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Social media is quickly changing the way customers and brands interact. FeedMagnet helps businesses participate in a responsible way. It pulls the content from all of your social media sites into a single stream, letting you filter it, moderate it, and embed it directly on your own website.

Let Your Best Customers Speak for You.

Your customers and prospects are already using social media to talk to each other - often about your brand and products. Tap in to that conversation and highlight the positive things people are saying about you, showcasing them right on your own website.

Everything Your Company is Saying in One Place.

So your company is on Twitter and a lot of your executives are as well. Maybe you have a corporate Flickr or YouTube account for posting media. Now you can pull all of that content into one place to provide a single view of everything you[HTML_REMOVED]re saying, as you[HTML_REMOVED]re saying it.

Showcase the Live Buzz From Your Event.

Social media really comes to life during live events. Whether you are hosting a company-wide sales meeting or planning a global conference, you can use FeedMagnet to bring the social media buzz from your event right to your home page - or showcase it on screens at the event itself.

Plus, its powered by Django and CouchDB

This is not really a benefit for most of our end-users (unless you count the added speed, stability, and rapid development of new features), but we think it is cool. Our thanks to the entire Django community for the great framework, documentation, and user community.