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A site that uses a geo ip targeted implimentation of Google maps to display local business that wish to advertise on the site.

The site is devided into two sections. The left pane is a small area for displaying an overview of the businesses coupons or ads. The right pane is the Goole map which uses custom pins to mark the locations of the advertising businesses.

The site uses a IP lookup to determine the Geographical area of the user fo the site and displays the appropriate location and ads for that user. If this lookup data is wrong the user can override and save their correct location.

When a user clicks on a business icon their advertisement (coupon) appears in the left pane. When an ad on the left pane hovered over all pins attached to that ad (multiple stores) expand on the map section of the site. When the ad or coupon is clicked a larger ad slides in overtop of the map allowing the user to read or print the ad/coupon. When this slide in window is closed it slides back out reveling the Google map.