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Fraser coast chronicle

The Fraser Coast Chronicle has been one of the fastest growing newspapers in Australia for the last three years. It is a newspaper with attitude: lively, full of personality, questioning authorities and highlighting the region[HTML_REMOVED]s finest attributes through original writing and polished photography.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle is the leading source of local news for the region. It sets the agenda and frequently goes in to bat on behalf of readers who have been unfairly disadvantaged. In addition to covering local events, the Chronicle[HTML_REMOVED]s wire service provides a bird[HTML_REMOVED]s eye view of Australia and the world events each day. It has a comprehensive sports coverage and daily columnists, crossword, comics, opinions, peeks at history and show business snips.

It takes its role of delivering serious information seriously but it adds much more to the daily diet of its readers. Entertaining articles, interesting snippets and amusing anecdotes or items are found throughout the pages of the Fraser Coast Chronicle. Special weekly features: Jobmart on Monday; What[HTML_REMOVED]s On Diary and Cheap Tuesday bargains; My Place Wednesday; TV guide Thursday; real estate Friday; Weekend reading Saturday.