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screenshot of Hong Kong International Jazz Festival

Hong Kong International Jazz Festival

The Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, jointly presented by the International Jazz Festival Holdings Limited. and the Hong Kong Jazz Association, will take over Hong Kong from November 16th to 21st 2008. An A-list roster of artists from around the world will transform the way Hong Kong moves to jazz music. Jazz festivals have captured Asia by countries like Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Mongolia, but where does that leave Hong Kong?

This year, the first ever Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, will place Hong Kong SAR in the limelight of Asia. As award winning performers storm our city for one week only, jazz will finally take the centre stage.

To kick start the festival, a free open-air concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Center Piazza will bring a cyclone of toe-tapping, finger-snapping performances. A flurry of master classes, jam sessions and performances in chic jazz locations like Backstage Live Restaurant, Lanson Place Hotel and Sevva (17th-22nd Nov) will continue the festival in a vibrant manner. These events will create an opportunity for the local jazz community to interact with international music legends.