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screenshot of Kothay? The Location Based Blogging Site

Kothay? The Location Based Blogging Site

Kothay is your social where house. Now you can put your stories, events and everything you can imagine with a searchable location on kothay. The word [HTML_REMOVED]kothay?[HTML_REMOVED] means [HTML_REMOVED]where?[HTML_REMOVED], and thus this your social wherehouse, where you can share with the world everything with a location. Kothay promotes all languages, and as a tribute to our language Bangla, you can use the service for sharing in any language you like. If you are thinking of writing a travelogue, arranging an event, or even planning to attend an event, like watching a theatrical, a movie or anything you imagine, then why keep it to yourself. After all, you definitely will want to share it with your friends and the world, through any other social networking site you want, and Kothay is just the platform for sharing on your social networking site. After all, many hugely popular blogs and travelogues are viral, so can yours be.