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Mapy Hazardu allows people to easily map gambling slot machines located within 100 meters from public buildings, which are forbidden by the Czech law.

Local activists and general public get tool to report slot machines, which are run in places where they shouldn[HTML_REMOVED]t be - like near schools, libraries, hospitals and other public buildings. These slot machines are officially licensed, but local authorities usually does not control if they follow the rules for whole duration of the license, specially the [HTML_REMOVED]public building neighborhood[HTML_REMOVED] rule. Gambling is becoming a huge social problem in many towns across the Czech republic and one of the reasons is that slot machines are placed at these unauthorized sites. Because of difficult legislative situation, people have only a limited possibilities to call authorities to restrain unauthorized gambling. gives them more power to show, how many slot machines is run at unlawful places, in both their official requests to local authorities for restraining them and general spreading of public awareness about this problem.