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screenshot of makes it easier to learn foreign language vocabulary, using mnemonics. It[HTML_REMOVED]s a free service, and currently supports five languages but will make many more languages available over time.

About a hundred basic vocabulary items are currently provided for each language, ideal if you[HTML_REMOVED]re just starting out on learning a language or with a desire to learn the basics quickly (e.g. just before going on a foreign vacation).

The website provides flash cards for each word or phrase, along with mnemonics for each. You can choose which of the given mnemonics suits you best, or you can create your own. You can also tell other users what works for you.

The [HTML_REMOVED]Memory Dashboard[HTML_REMOVED] allows you to see at a glance how much you[HTML_REMOVED]ve committed to memory. [HTML_REMOVED]Learn[HTML_REMOVED] and [HTML_REMOVED]Test[HTML_REMOVED] workflows are also provided, along with tools to enable you to track your progress and prioritise your learning effort.