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screenshot of mixin


What is mixin
mixin is a social agenda to share, discuss and organize activities with your friends. mixin gives an overview of what could happen in the near future and creates opportunities to get together more often.

Why mixin
mixin filters and complements the current vision that you have through various communication channels including micro-blogging on what our friends are doing right now or what they did. mixin focuses on the future in order to create opportunities of activities in the real world. Each user has its agenda, which is an aggregation of what their friends are planning, proposing to do, where they[HTML_REMOVED]ll be or when they might be available. mixin offers a social peripheral vision trough micro-events over the week.

Share your micro-agenda
You can add activities in 2 clicks from your timeline on the website but can also publish via IM, SMS, Email or your actual calendar application. In addition to this, mixin parses your Twitter messages and automatically populates your agenda when activities are identified. mixin helps people to identify opportunities by filtering information they already publish.

Structure your data
mixin users can add other popular services they might use. mixin will for example automatically link Flickr pictures or Qik videos to an activity depending on the media date. mixin structures the flow of information by activities and by group as several users can join an activity.

What[HTML_REMOVED]s next
We want to bring mixin to people whatever the channels they are using. We built a first version of our API so that we will be able to connect to other services and let people build their own vision of how mixin should be. Don[HTML_REMOVED]t hesitate if you have any idea!