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My Unikorn

Unikorn Inc. is based in Los Altos, California and our India Operations are based out of Hyderabad. Our company believes that all pets are legendary animals like the Unicorn! Our mission is to address day to day snags that come up while caring for your pet and unleashing possibilities without taking up valuable time that could be used in bonding with your UNIKORN!
How do we achieve that?
Be a one stop shop for all pet needs including wellness
Shop from local and boutique stores in your neighbourhood
Help new pet parents with all resources
Be inclusive and serve needs of all legal pets in every country
Social responsibility with special initiatives in the community
What we offer currently?
Same day delivery of pet needs - food, toys and many more
Vet on Request - for minor, non-emergency and wellness care
Create a profile of your pet and share your pet stories
Forum to discuss with other pet owners
and more pet services to come early 2016…