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Tastiq is a web community dedicated to the act and art of listmaking by allowing you to create and reference lists made up of items of any media type.

For example, you might like to keep a list of links to your favorite recipes. Or, it might be helpful to catalogue images that you routinely use for an online project. Or, you might like to showcase the best moments of your recent vacation with a list of links, images, videos, and songs.

While Tastiq provides one place to house all of the lists in your life that you routinely use, the real fun lies in creating public lists of creative titles that you find interesting and entertaining.

[HTML_REMOVED]The Ten Most Compelling Named Beverages You Should Never Drink[HTML_REMOVED], [HTML_REMOVED]Items to have Handy in Case of Zombie Attack[HTML_REMOVED], and [HTML_REMOVED]What Happens When You Try to Dress Like a Piece of Pizza[HTML_REMOVED] are just a few fun examples. If you see a list you like tastiq allows you to comment, [HTML_REMOVED]bump[HTML_REMOVED] in approval, or even create your [HTML_REMOVED]reply[HTML_REMOVED] list of the same title. You can follow users that create content that you enjoy and view the latest trends in hot list topics being discussed.

We’re excited to hear how you use Tastiq and look forward to your suggestions. Contact us anytime at