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screenshot of is the new search engine for job opportunities, cars and property in the US. provides a single window into the offers available across a multitude of sites,
saving time and energy. One results set contains everything the user needs to know - that’s
the added value of
Tothego is a new company based in Milan, Italy. Today is launching in the US
and the UK. Later the service will be extended to Europe, Asia and South America.
Tothego is focused on three markets: jobs, property and cars. Currently it aggregates more
than 3 million listings from the US web. This rich source of information will allow users to find
the best deals. At the same time it sheds interesting light onto these three markets.
For example, in the US today the sector that offers most chances for job-seekers is Security,
and the job type most searched for is Software Engineer. In the property market, Miami is the
most expensive city while Detroit is the cheapest. The most common colour for cars available
on the market? Black. No surprise ... has one main strength that distinguishes it from others aggregators in the
market. User experience.
We designed starting from the user. Browsing paths, colours, shapes and
buttons are designed to simplify the user experience. They are intended to maximize user
satisfaction, building brand loyalty.
We are also strongly optimized for search engines (SEO) in order to maximize natural traffic
and to deliver quality contacts with strong conversion rates in terms of their own leads (calls,
mail or apply).