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Tweed daily news

The Tweed Daily News has been established since 1888 and is an active part of the Tweed Shire, Australia community. It is the Tweed[HTML_REMOVED]s only daily newspaper that covers all aspects of news from local, national and international events to a full round up of sporting results and a wide range of reader interests.

The Tweed Daily News is part of the Tweed Newspaper Company Pty Ltd which also produces two weekly papers, the Tweed Border Mail and the Gold Coast Mail.

The Tweed Newspaper Company Pty Ltd has a strong focus on providing quality, must-read editorial that reflects the feelings, interests and events of our region. The style is informative and interesting, while still maintaining a friendly, entertaining and local feel.
Sections of the newspaper include lift outs like Property Week, as well as daily sections including Sport and Entertainment - catering for the tastes and interests of our entire community.